Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday in dublin

What a day!!

Last night was refreshing after our LONG drive to Powerscourt. We had a cozy dinner in town and met some New York girls also on a Groupon, maleri and Amy. We had some drinks at local pubs and came back to McGill's at the Ritz for some more socializing.

This morning (Friday) we slept in and enjoyed the Ritz breakfast which was delicious.

Then our adventures to Dublin began....

We drove twenty minutes to Bray, where we parked and caught the DART train to Dublin. The weather conditions were blistery. It was snowing and sleeting and frigid. This apparently happens once a year.

After surviving that with only water in my boots, I thought the day could turn around. Unfortunately, the weather got worse. I understand why no one vacations here in January....

We braved the rain and cold as best we could, with taking taxis and sharing one umbrella. We managed to see the book of Kells, which I enjoyed. It is the ornate book of the four gospels made in 800 as an alter decoration.

We also had the Jameson experience touring the original Irish whiskey distillery, and I volunteered with Emily to compare their triple distilled whiskey to scotch and jack.

We then attempted to take the train home but only got half way before floods stopped the train and we went on a bus. Roads were closed, we were freezing, and we were spent!

Tonight, after I had a bubble bath, we took it easy and enjoyed our free chips and fish meal at McGills. We are all tired.

Tomorrow is also supposed to be terrible weather. We will see if we manage a more pleasant day....


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  1. Really a great weekend you had in Dublin, didn’t you? There are thousands of restaurants, even list is endless, those were the words my best friend told me, when he was back from there after a romantic honeymoon, he visited many Dublin pubs, and many places of tourist attraction he given 9 out of 10 to everything, now its my turn, I will also go there not on a honeymoon but for a short vacation with my family.